Tuesday, October 7, 2008

wake up call

a week past october and im still here x)
the raya had been hectic and enjoyable though
as the gathering had warming the house of my heart .
plus the duit raya of course. hee.
the opportunity meeting the cousins are double threading !
but hey , knock knock !
let us come back to reality aite .
more to myself i guess. -.-"
the spm is just one month to go ,,
and i really need the spiritual wake up call !
i mean it.
and for this second day of schooling after the hols ,
i hav got my trial results.
hmm , bolehlah tahan . >.< enough talking. ngeh//
but im still aiming for at least 8a's in this trial.

inilah pandanganku .. ceritaku !

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