Friday, October 17, 2008

h o n e s t y

did u see that i just change my widget ..?
comel sungguh kan kan ? haha.
masuk bakul angkat sendiri puler.
the main point of my entry today is to be honest.
*fingers' cross*
as im gonna sit for spm for another 24 days,
i think i ought to do this.
im a self-centered and hypocrite girl ,
i am full of envy
, jealousy and god knows what .
im easily bad tempered and very stubborn.
i hate myself and that's a fullstop.
phewh. what a confession.
througout this not-that-bad year ,
i've done so many things that im not proud of
i skipped tuition classes uncountable times
i refuse to follow His command on me
i neglect my parents' feelings.
geez , i am such a @#$&*^
i wish i cud rewind the clock and poof.
everything's in its order.
i want to change !

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