Sunday, October 19, 2008

give it a try

okay. lets give it a try eh. my very first word from left margin. later on, i need your comments tau :) its not that i wanna broke my words tp as i said, i wud like to give it a try .

today, i started my addmaths tuition with cikgu aru dengan zah , eln , awie and jannah for continuously three hours. ada beverages like air orangy and satay. kejap. is satay a beverages ? tak lah kot ! more to heavy food je.

cop! cop! this is not the satay i have eaten tau. tp its just a pic to show the excitement of eating satay. ngee x) tp not lah i ate that banyak kn.. just around 3-4 cucuk je plus the nasi impit dlm 2 ketul. pastu makan puding karamel.

hmm.. okay ke hah mula dari tepi ni? kasi comment sikit ya ! ;) i really need it. and about the colours that i used to guna. on this entry im not gonna use it. since i need your comments. hahah. dah diboldkan tuu.


Anonymous said...

looks neat. tp akk suke gak kalo nunu wat center & kalerful. uniQ eheks.

changes r good btw.

nuhamuneerah abdhakim said...

hee, terima kasih :)