Saturday, October 25, 2008


couple of days since i last updated my blog
quite busy with the revision if u ask me why .
ouh , ive get a chance to watch high school musical 3 ;
senior year ! in tgv cinemas at bukit raja
this morning with my siblings ...
cool and interesting movie.
the songs are brilliant. meremang bulu roma seyh !
plus the lightning and clothes
as well as kehandsomean troy aka zac efron yg brtambah
and gabriella aka vanessa yg sangat lawa okay.
balik2, ada tuition chem on chapter 3.
hmmm .
monday and tuesday ni school holidays
as deepavali is coming just around the corner.
bila difikirkan, tahun ni banyak sangat cuti lah
whatever it is, boleh dikatakan ttp terbaik x)


syrrul said...

hai cik nuha :P
xkesah pon laaa. letak la. kite pon nk letak awak :D
kite tak tau nk comment kat blog mane satu since you have two of them. hehe

Fasya said...

giler best!!!
u dh tgk hsm 3
waa one of my wish for birthday is to see that movie. huhu :(
oh well... :|

nuhamuneerah abdhakim said...

hahah. comment di sini ya cik syrrul. yg satu lg tu dh tk valid. i mean, dh tk post entry kat situ dah. hee.

nuhamuneerah abdhakim said...

to fasya: hahah. agak lah. snagat best puler!