Saturday, October 25, 2008


couple of days since i last updated my blog
quite busy with the revision if u ask me why .
ouh , ive get a chance to watch high school musical 3 ;
senior year ! in tgv cinemas at bukit raja
this morning with my siblings ...
cool and interesting movie.
the songs are brilliant. meremang bulu roma seyh !
plus the lightning and clothes
as well as kehandsomean troy aka zac efron yg brtambah
and gabriella aka vanessa yg sangat lawa okay.
balik2, ada tuition chem on chapter 3.
hmmm .
monday and tuesday ni school holidays
as deepavali is coming just around the corner.
bila difikirkan, tahun ni banyak sangat cuti lah
whatever it is, boleh dikatakan ttp terbaik x)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

heavy heart

hm .. atas comment given by kak nurul,
i'll start my next entry at the center. thanks, kak nurul x)
ouh, yesterday tk dpt nk update my blog ni .
atas satu sebab yg sangat menyayat hati gadisku.
my atuk as in abah kepada my umi ..
menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya pada jam 5.10 pagi
sewaktu azan pertama subuh berkumandang
dengan penuh ketenangan di samping isteri tersayang, my wa.
something yg wa cakap yg membuatkan sebak datang :
"ram relakan abang pergi.ram sayangkn abang.
kita jumpa di syurga nanti ya"
and tanpa suara, arwah atuk menangis ...
a lot of people coming by to give their condolences
arwah haji hussain bin unang
was an ustaz during his presence
and also a teacher at KISAS once upon a time
so yesterday i didnt go to school
although ada gerak gempur chemistry ...
the remain's of my grandfather dibwa ke surau pd 10 pg
and disembahyangkan pd jam 11 pagi
i manage to mandikan my arwah atuk, so were my siblings
after dikafankan, all of us kissed him
and he was burried at tanah perkuburan seksyen 21
i saw my arwah atuk dikambus dengan tanah..
satu perasaan yang sukar untuk digambarkan.
my relatives dari singapore pun datang.
esp abang boy yang handsome dgn baju melayu maroon tu
malamnya ada majlis tahlil
and aziz sattar came as he is my grandfather's cousin
he's in black. okay. fullstop, nuha !
the prayers ended at around 10.30 macam tu.
al-fatihah untuk atuk .

p/s: semoga rohmu dicucuri rahmat :')

Sunday, October 19, 2008

give it a try

okay. lets give it a try eh. my very first word from left margin. later on, i need your comments tau :) its not that i wanna broke my words tp as i said, i wud like to give it a try .

today, i started my addmaths tuition with cikgu aru dengan zah , eln , awie and jannah for continuously three hours. ada beverages like air orangy and satay. kejap. is satay a beverages ? tak lah kot ! more to heavy food je.

cop! cop! this is not the satay i have eaten tau. tp its just a pic to show the excitement of eating satay. ngee x) tp not lah i ate that banyak kn.. just around 3-4 cucuk je plus the nasi impit dlm 2 ketul. pastu makan puding karamel.

hmm.. okay ke hah mula dari tepi ni? kasi comment sikit ya ! ;) i really need it. and about the colours that i used to guna. on this entry im not gonna use it. since i need your comments. hahah. dah diboldkan tuu.

Friday, October 17, 2008

h o n e s t y

did u see that i just change my widget ..?
comel sungguh kan kan ? haha.
masuk bakul angkat sendiri puler.
the main point of my entry today is to be honest.
*fingers' cross*
as im gonna sit for spm for another 24 days,
i think i ought to do this.
im a self-centered and hypocrite girl ,
i am full of envy
, jealousy and god knows what .
im easily bad tempered and very stubborn.
i hate myself and that's a fullstop.
phewh. what a confession.
througout this not-that-bad year ,
i've done so many things that im not proud of
i skipped tuition classes uncountable times
i refuse to follow His command on me
i neglect my parents' feelings.
geez , i am such a @#$&*^
i wish i cud rewind the clock and poof.
everything's in its order.
i want to change !

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

lain daripada yang lain ?

hmm.. [ in the mid of thinking hard ]
mulanya tadi ingat nk buat some changes lah kan.
in my entry of course tp tk jadi ..
sebab musabab ?
i have to be myself. buat apa nk tiru orang kn.
actually macam ni, just now,
i wanted to start my very first word from left margin,
i even dh start pun tp erase balik.
as i kept thinking, mcm tk adil to myself
sbb writing from center is my identity.
lain daripada yg lain kan.
eventho tk dpt tulis banyak tp im satisfied.
anyway, this week im on leave.
as the form3 students are having their pmr,
form5 students direhatkn sementara.
wahah! indahnya dunia. ngeh x)
i supposed to be studying.
but im currently on the way to finish up my essay
for competition. biasalah. i writing !
on last saturday, i bought this taiwan dvd.
entitle you're my destiny.
omg. cerita dia sangat best okay.
i even cried so many times. menyentuh jiwa raga.
tp harga dia pun best juga. haha.
after 20% less, the price is rm112. bolehlah tahan.

hero dia mcm min dao tp bukan.
apa-apa pun, i got to study.
sebulan lagi oi sayang ! :D

inilah pandangaku .. ceritaku !

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

wake up call

a week past october and im still here x)
the raya had been hectic and enjoyable though
as the gathering had warming the house of my heart .
plus the duit raya of course. hee.
the opportunity meeting the cousins are double threading !
but hey , knock knock !
let us come back to reality aite .
more to myself i guess. -.-"
the spm is just one month to go ,,
and i really need the spiritual wake up call !
i mean it.
and for this second day of schooling after the hols ,
i hav got my trial results.
hmm , bolehlah tahan . >.< enough talking. ngeh//
but im still aiming for at least 8a's in this trial.

inilah pandanganku .. ceritaku !