Sunday, September 7, 2008


its actually a noble work you knw..
i mean, u ought to have lots of patient. mark my words.
lots !
anyone can be a teacher but not anybody can be a great one.
my mom is a teacher. :)
and to me, she's one of the best.fullstops.
within teaching, compiling works and handling student behavior,
as well as her own bulk of offspring,
teacher is a person that you should show some respect.
bak kata this one sarjana ,
he also assumed someone who teaches him a single word ,,
as a teacher.
and my mom once said that :
"kita akan dapat pahala dgn hnya memandang wajah guru"
so.. can u see the point?
however, nowadays its a bit heartbreaking
since my friends seems to be lack of that value.
well , i also did something ...
like not finishing up my homework and blah blah
one attitude of them is that..
they are calling teacher with just their name.
like instead of cikgu shazan [ bukan nama sebenar ],
they were calling him shazan.
exp: "shazan datang woi !"
i wanted to tegur tp.. *sighs*
im not that tough.
i mean, is it hard enough for you guys
to call them with puan, teacher or even cikgu...?
its rather sad hearing my friends did that.
hello ! show some respect pls.
and as i was going to sit for trial SPM tomorrow,
i hereby, like to thank all my teachers..
esp cik lahazmani ( u knw what u did ) ,
im hoping that all the teachers will 'halal'-ing their ilmu
and prays for my success.

inilah pandanganku ... ceritaku !

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