Friday, September 26, 2008


my trial has officially ended at 12.25 pm today .
hoorah . x)
some papers let me showed my strength ,
whereas some were just making me dumber ! haish.
when its over , i felt relieve. yea.
like a burden had been removed from my shoulder.
i mean , its stressful you know .
dating with books all the time. no fun .
well , it shud be that way tho.
but still , i will always love books
its my passion . my life .
ouh, mr raya is coming in.
but as our dearest principle pn maizan
said earlier in the daily assembly this morning
" ... raya seadanya sahaja "
i'll keep that close to my mind for sure.
and she said this too.
" .. raya kali ini bukan untuk kamu .. "
aduhaii . its a heartbreaking to hear that .
however, i knew she said that for our own good.
as the exam is just around the sofas ,
anxiety of libur-ing shudnt be a part of it . kan kan ?
study must be on top list of priority.

p/s: i wud like to fall in love with mr additional mathematics ;)
pp/s: today is my mom's birthday !

inilah pandanganku .. ceritaku !

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