Thursday, September 25, 2008


how many people can actually handle a pressure ?
based on my thinking lah kan ,
majority humans cant take pressure in their life.
bila dah emosi menguasai diri ..
tambah lagi bila tak ada iman dan pegangan hidup.
*poof* there goes your life !
ramai lah hamba ALLAH yang ambil jalan shortcut.
as in commit a suicide or lost their mind.
jangan cakap orang lainlah ..
myself pun seldomly beyond control
when i've been attacked by the unknown pressure .
not an unknown actually.
majorly from studying and doing calculations.
ahhaaha. >.< style="color: rgb(204, 153, 51);" size="4">attitudes

i became aggressive , tight-face whatsoever .
unfortunately , my friends and siblings became the honourable victim
tp tak lah smpai nak tarik nyawa sendiri
how i wish i cud handle pressure efficiently
so that it does not affect my social life and stuff.
and this afternoon , i just wanted to scream out loud
as i was so stressful doing addmaths' paper
hmmmph !

p/s: hakuna matata

inilah pandanganku .. ceritaku .

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