Monday, September 29, 2008

platonic love

the feelings i had for him is just another platonic
its there. way deep inside me .
but i could tell the feeling is getting colder and colder.
and im afraid that somehow i might loose it.
we are apart. in distance. yea. i knew that.
didnt u know, a single message wud make a difference ?
there's most of the time i kept the garfield tight
and told myself , i am okay.
and things will going to be alright. just fine.
do you know how hard it is for me ?
ouh ,i am proud to admit that i was dumb back then .
i was thorn between you and him ,
and sadly, not knowing what my heart wants,
i let myself curling the dreams of him.
and when she knocked me with her confessions,
i came to realize that i dont have any feelings towards him .
simultaneously , i realize that i had my for you .
i've been missing the stupid argument we had,
the voice of yours that kept hitting my ears ...
and not even him can take that memory of you from me.
you are the one . not him.
and awak .. for your information ,
i looked at guys soullessly nowadays
as you took my heart away.
i felt zero inside me.
and i do. i really do misses you.

p/s: awak .. ya, suara awak macho ! ;')

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