Friday, September 26, 2008

m e m o r y . l a n e

sometimes i just wish that things can be redone.
the things that might wrong than it seems.
the words which might hurt.
for the dearest friends that had enlightened my life ..
there is no such word can describe how thankful i am :')
the one that used to be so close but now apart ,
how cud i told you that i missed the laughter we shared together ?
to this particular someone ,
i seriously missed the moment we hold on to each other .
when i read your blog a few moments back ,
and how meaningful my name to you back then ,
i wanted to cry so bad .
you are important to me as always my dear .
i could tell you are drifting apart from me time to time .
unfortunately , the hi's and bye's seems to be so cheap .
i knew we always bumped into each other,
but how can the bumping can be compared to a little talk ?
i'll cherish our friendship in my heart forever.
because you are one of the strength of mine
in once upon a time.

p/s: miss you.


Anonymous said...

helo there nice layout u have there. btw, things cant be repeated kan (ofkos) so that we can learn 4 what we've done/experienced. it's good tho to feel sad so that u know what it feels and wouldnt treat people badly cos u x want to hurt them. nice btw to still love ur friends even after what has happende (whatver it is). i say, once friends, always friends, eventho u have big catfight with them. but, that's makes friends as friends yep?

always love and cherish people around u. (to u and meself too)

slamt hari raya!

nuhamuneerah abdhakim said...

omg ! thank you sangat for that sweet comment :)
i never thought that my entry wud have that such lovely thoughts from people esp you.

p/s: selamat hari raya to you too x)