Saturday, September 6, 2008

happy fasting !

when i thought its now fasting months ,
out of the blue , lots of things came to cross my mind ...
especially about peoples behavior.
well ,, mine as well. kot! :)
as i said earlier, man and mistakes are like irama dan lagu.
during this holy month, we should be taking advantage
for the absence of the devils.
hmm,, but lots of people seems to be lost. *shrug*
on the night before fasting day,
muslims were supposed to be doing solat terawih.
and i did went with my family. tp i did 8 rakaat je. standard lah kan !
after perform the solah, my mom wanted to have roti canai for supper.
so we went to the mamak stall ,
and i bumped into a group of adolescent
particularly boyfie and girlfie lah kot.
since they were tugged to each other like a current carrying conductor!
first word ?
astargfirullah hal 'azim
first thing ?
they absolutely didnt went for solat terawih.
instead, they did a sin in the night before fasting.
i was like... apa yang telah terjadi !
im not saying that im good or alim or even warak
and to be fair,
i also did something yg i cant be proud of
ramadhan brings a lot of kemaslahatan
to whom who appreciate its present.
plus the malam lailatul qadar.
the night that is better than 1000 months !
mungkin betul, kita sedang berada di akhir zaman
dan maksiat berleluasa tnpa dapat dikawal.
and trust me my friend,
its the early bell for the hari kiamat.

inilah pandanganku ... ceritaku !

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