Monday, September 8, 2008

e x a m i n a t i o n

can u find anyone that actually love exam?
huh, i'll bet no one wud raise a hand for that.
ouh ouh , count me in ! haha.
that's why malaysians always been said to have the
third level mentality.
well .. i am off the word
i learned that in karangan. bm's by encik ahmad kamal.
hmm ,, exam is actually the best way a student can be test.
the knowledge , the basic ..
it seems to be hard.
plus .. everyone assumed it to be that way .
no one should be blamed though .
but .. if you prepared well enough ,
it shouldnt be that hard should it?
this past few weeks, exams seem to already united
with my blood and vein . haha. as if .
keep on dreaming , nuha ! :)
but it partially true though.
as the spm is just around the corner ,
the trial and the exercises is like a pile of books in the lib !
hm .. maybe we shouldnt be too hard on exam. kot.
just play along and we will get used to it i guess.
i mean, as malaysians, we cant run away from examinations,
since it is part of the perlembagaan or
somehow department of education whatsoever.
calm down and take a breathe.
yea , thats the way .
im gonna enjoying every minute being in the exam hall.
you should too. or not. :D

inilah pandanganku .. ceritaku !

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